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Lockdown Prayer

Each morning we wake, another day

consumed by the news of the Coronavirus.

Another day facing the same space, the same colours,

the same sounds. We crave for the difference we had,

the freedom we are used to,

and the people we met.

As the tears form, please Lord Jesus

fill my uncertainties with peace and strength.

We have always needed it but now we know it.


We pray for all who are facing isolation, hardship, hunger,

fear or anxiety. Lord, let them know that You are close,

and guide us, where we have time, energy or resources,

to reach out and bring relief.

We should have always done this, but now we know it.


We pray for all those who are sacrificing safety and comfort

so that others can be saved.

For doctors and nurses, and care workers.

Fill them with your spirit and let them know

that they walk in your footsteps.

It should have always been this way, but now we feel it.


Through this time, help us to draw together in spirit,

even while we are apart.

Help us to seek out the lost and the lonely,

and to know that in all circumstances,

however dark things may seem,

we are loved and we are eternally safe.

Your love has always been like this; help us to know it.


We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Rev. Adam Pitt