Board of Management

Under requirements set out in the Education Act, 1998 it is expected that all schools operate under a Board of Management structure. Catholic Voluntary Secondary Schools with Boards operate in accordance with the Articles of Management for Catholic Secondary Schools negotiated by ASTI and the Catholic Managers. The establishment of Boards of Management represents the introduction of democracy and participation in the management of second level schools and is a real and genuine expression of partnership at a local level.

In the Voluntary Secondary Sector, the Board of Management consists of eight persons who have been appointed by the Trustees. Four members are nominated by the Trustees. Two parents/legal guardians of children currently in the school are elected by the parents / legal guardians. Two teachers are elected by all the current pro-rata contracted, non-casual part-time, job-sharing and current full-time teachers on the staff of the school on the date of the election. The school principal in addition to the appointed members is the secretary to the Board. Each term runs for a period of three years. (

Our current Board of Management Trustee nominees are Ms Anne Lordan (Chairperson), Mr Martin Nally,  Mr Patrick Muldoon and Ms Mary Farrell. Parent nominees are Ms Monica Maxwell and Mr Paul Moore. Teacher nominees are Ms Grainne O’Kennedy and Ms Catherine Gallagher. The term of this Board of Management will run until October 2024.

Agreed Statements from the Board of Management can be accessed here.