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Christmas Prayer for Our Families 

Loving God, 

During this holy season of Christmas we ask for your blessing on all our families in Loreto College.

Let Mary’s openness to Your wondrous ways be an inspiration to us to place all our trust in You.

Let Joseph’s courage provide hope during our times of anxiety or uncertainty.

Let the life of Jesus ignite all our families with the Spirit of light and love.

Let Christmas be a time for reflection, and may it illuminate hope and alleviate suffering.

Let Christmas be a time for happiness, a time that washes away sorrow, a time to embrace a neighbour. 

Let It be a time for tenderness, a time for giving, a time to accept gifts and to give thanks for the gift of who we are. 

May the grace that enriched the Holy Spirit widen to embrace all the families in our school community. 


Wishing all of our families a happy and peaceful Christmas.