Junior Cycle CBA Titles & Dates

What is a CBA

Classroom based assessment

Classroom based assessment bracket (CBAs) provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning and skills in a way not possible in a pen and paper examination, for example, there is verbal communication and investigation skills. CBAs will be undertaken in subjects and short courses and will be facilitated by the classroom teachers.

For some great information surrounding Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) in Junior Cycle please download the PDF.

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CBA dates and details for 2023/2024 are as follows: 

Second Year Bank of Titles:

Religious Education CBA 1: A Person of Commitment
MFL CBA 1: Oral Communication
Science CBA 1:Science in Society Investigation.
Music CBA 1: Composition Portfolio(jingle)
Visual Art CBA 1: From Process to Realisation.
Home Economics 1: Creative Textiles
English CBA 1: Oral Communication
History CBA 1: The Past is My Place
Geography CBA 1: Geography in the news
Maths CBA 1: Mathematical Investigation
Business Studies CBA 1: Business in Action.
Gaeilge CBA 1:Punann (portfolio)

Third Year Bank of Titles:

Gaeilge CBA 2: Tasc Cumars√°ideach
Science CBA 2: Extended Experimental Investigation
Visual Art CBA 2: Communicate and Reflect
Music CBA 2- Programme Note.
Home Economics CBA 2: Food Literacy

CBA Calendar 2023/2024