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The ethos of sport for young people in education in Loreto College, Mullingar encompasses a range of values and principles that aim to contribute to their holistic development. Here are some key aspects of the true ethos of sport for young people in education that we strive to instil in our students: 

Physical Health:

Mental Health:

Teamwork and Collaboration:

Discipline and Time Management:

Fair Play and Sportsmanship:

Character Development:

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Lifelong Learning:

Healthy Competition:

Community and Social Skills:

Ethical Decision-Making:

Fun and Enjoyment:

Ultimately, the true ethos of sport for young people in education should prioritise their overall wellbeing, character development, and the acquisition of life skills that extend far beyond the playing field. It should contribute positively to their physical, mental, and social development, preparing them for a healthy and fulfilling future.

Loreto College has a long tradition of sporting success, particularly in the areas of hockey and basketball. Our school now offers a wide range of sporting activities for our students. Please read on to find out about what our school has to offer in terms of sport for our students. 


Athletics is offered in our school to all year groups. We take part in the Westmeath Schools Cross Country, Geraldine Dolan Memorial Cross Country, and North Leinster Cross Country events every year. If successful in the North Leinster Cross Country, our girls have the chance to represent Loreto at Leinster and All Ireland Levels. We also enter the Loreto Track and Field and the North Leinster Track and Field events and, again, if successful at North Leinster level, our girls will have the opportunity to represent our school and Leinster and All Ireland Levels.

Our school is always represented very well at these events each year and has been very successful in various competitions over the years. The standard continues to improve from year to year also.


Basketball training takes place after school and each team has a one hour session each week. Training times are set at the start of each school year to accommodate all players involved.

Basketball is a competitive extra curricular sport and all teams and players are expected to train seriously and commit to playing for the full season.

Seniors and U16 teams play league games from September to approximately the end of Nov/start of December (depending on their success). 1st and 2nd year teams train from September and play league games from January to end of Feb, again depending on success, they could continue to Easter.

Games are scheduled on a weekly basis with all teams playing approx 4 or 5 league games and then if successful, progress to knock-out stages.

The school has been involved in basketball for over 30 years with teams reaching All Ireland finals twice in recent years as well as winning Midlands Regional Finals and reaching All Ireland Play Offs on numerous occasions.


Camogie is offered in Loreto at Minor (1st and 2nd years) and Senior level (3rd, TY, 5th & 6th years). Training takes place during lunch times or after school on a day decided at the beginning of each school year. The Senior competition takes place between September and Christmas and can be ongoing after Christmas if the team progresses in the competition. Minor competition begins after Christmas each year. Our Senior camogie team has been very successful in recent years winning the Senior C Leinster title in 2019 and our Minor team winning the Minor D Leinster title in 2022.


Loreto College participates in inter-schools competitions for equestrian enthusiasts around the country. These competitions are offered at a team and individual level, for novice and advanced riders. It is an advantage to have your own pony, however ponies can be rented from Mullingar Equestrian which is an opportunity for everyone to take part. We would love to have new members join our club and build our school's equestrian team.

Gaelic Football

Gaelic football has a long standing tradition here in Loreto.  We have been very lucky to have some outstanding players play on our teams over the years and who have also helped out with younger year groups. We continue to encourage students to participate at all levels of the game.  Senior and Junior training takes place after school from 4 to 5 with their competitions beginning early in the school year.  Our U14 and First Year school competitions don’t begin until after Christmas but we will run school based blitzes for these years groups in order for them to get to know each other better. Our girls have been very successful in recent years winning the Senior B Leinster title in 2018.


Our school’s golf team is made up of young ladies who train in the sport regularly as members of our local wonderful amenity – Mullingar Golf Club.  2021/2022 saw our Golf Team reach the Irish Schools Junior Championship All Ireland Final, finishing in fourth place. In 2022, our school’s team came 2nd at the Irish Schools Senior Girls Championship, Leinster Region.


Hockey in Loreto Mullingar has been growing in popularity since our astroturf pitch was completed in 2013.  Training takes place after school and/or at lunch times.

In 2018, we went on a hockey tour to Barcelona. While there, our hockey players picked up new skills while participating in hockey training sessions led by professional coaches. In 2019, our hockey players enjoyed a skills workshop at Loreto College with Kenny Carroll, Hockey Ireland’s Leinster Development Officer.

We are actively seeking a qualified hockey coach to help out with our school’s hockey teams.


Soccer is a popular sport in Loreto College, corresponding with the growing international appreciation of ladies soccer in recent years. FAI Schools offers competitions ranging from first year Futsal to league and cup across many age groups. 2017/2018 saw the school secure one of these titles when the first team entered in an FAI competition for many years won the U17 Leinster League title. More recently, our U15 time were successful in becoming Leinster Regional League winners in April 2022. In 2023, our 15 again team experienced the dizzy heights of the top of the Regional League table, missing out on top place only on goal difference. 

Training takes place after school once weekly on the school’s astroturf pitch or in the school’s sports hall. Players of all abilities are welcome, and training is built around team-building and fun. Details of training and age groups are detailed at the start of each academic year.


All first years complete a block of swimming classes for PE. They have great fun improving their swimming, their water confidence and learning water safety in Mullingar Swimming Pool. Thanks is extended, as always, to the staff of Mullingar Swimming Pool for facilitating this super addition to our Physical Education curriculum each year. 

Tag Rugby & Badminton

Students from all year groups are welcome to join these  recreational sports, regardless of their level of fitness or how much sport they play. Both of these sports are fast paced, fun and challenging. Join us any time throughout the year and try it out!

Details of all of the school's sports teams are available to students at the beginning of each academic year or sport season within the year. Announcements, posters, and Google Classroom Codes give all students the opportunity to find out more about and join-in in some of these sporting events.