Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment details are to be found here

The return to school dates for each year group are posted on the website under 'News'. 

Students are asked to enter the school via the gym foyer, archway or at the art room. If, however, a student arrives late to school (any time after 8.55am) they are asked to enter via the main reception where they where their attendance will be logged by the school secretary.

First Year students enter the school via the concrete steps to the right of gym and arch way on their first day at school. 

There are two breaks - a 15 minute morning break from 10.55am until 11.10am and a longer lunch break of 50 minutes from 1.10pm until 2.00pm.

A Loreto-crested jacket must be worn to and from school. There are three types available. Crested hoodies are not acceptable due to our poor weather.

The Loreto fleece (which is an optional part of the uniform and does not have to be purchased) may be worn in some classes at the teachers' discretion. Generally, jackets, hoodies and the fleece are not permitted to be worn in class. 

Incorrect jackets will be confiscated, and can be collected from the office by a parent/guardian. 

Click here to read the protocol on school uniform. 

Items can be dropped into our reception office. This is located at the end of the tree-lined avenue. Parents are kindly asked to please park in the main car park. Parents are only to enter the school via this entrance. 

Locker fees are built into the annual expenses paid by parents each year. Paid-for lockers are issued to students within the first few days of starting school. Locker areas are generally grouped according to class or year group. 

Details of all required text books and materials are available in the Parents section of the website. 

Monochromatic (one colour only) black, flat shoes or runners are to be worn. There should not be coloured emblems. Canvas shoes/converse style shoes should not be worn as these do not provide adequate support. 

Click here to read the unifom requirements.

Junior students (1st-3rd) are allowed to wear their PE gear into school for the day when they have PE timetabled for that day. Senior students are to bring in their PE gear and change into it at the start of the PE lesson in the changing rooms. 

Students have nine lessons each day (Mon - Thur) that last 40 minutes each. On Friday, students have six 40 minute lessons. 

School finishes Monday to Thursday at 3.50pm. Students then go to their lockers and exit the school at approximately 4pm. On Fridays, school finishes at 1.10pm. 

The first lesson begins at 8.55am. Students are expected to be at class, ready for it to begin at this time. A bell rings at 8.50am to remind students of the time and they school proceed to their class at this stage.