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School Management Team

“Those in leadership and management roles keep abreast of thinking, developments and changes in the broader educational environment and use this information positively for the benefit of the school…/[they] recognise students as stakeholders, value their views, and ensure their involvement in the
operation of the school. “ LAOS, DES, 2016

The comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities of our school’s Middle Management Team are rooted in Loreto College’s needs and priorities, as guided by the Department of Education & Skills document, Looking at our Schools.

Our philosophy of school management is rooted in the holistic nature of our school mission statement: to “provide a Christian, caring community of learning, which seeks in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, respect and justice, to develop the talents and potential of all members”. In conjunction with Senior Management and all staff, our Middle Management Team endeavour to create that appropriate community of learning that facilitates our young women’s ability to take ownership in school life and in its development.

Senior Management Team 2022-2023

Mrs Sinéad Lawlor (Principal)

Ms Carmel O’Grady (Deputy Principal)

Ms Olivia Callaghan (Deputy Principal)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Interim Senior Management Team (from February 2021)

Ms Olivia Callaghan (Acting Principal)

Ms Audrey Hanlon (Acting Deputy Principal)

Ms Bridie Smyth (Acting Deputy Principal)

Middle Management Teams 2022-2023

  • Year Leader Team

Ms Therese O’Keeffe – First Year (Assistant Principal I)

Ms Ber O’Connor – Second Year (Assistant Principal I)

Mr Samuel Carroll – Third Year (Acting Assistant Principal I)

Ms Catherine Gallagher – Transition Year and LCVP Coordinator (Assistant Principal I)

Ms Fidelma Murphy – Fifth Year (Assistant Principal I)

Ms Jennifer Bracken – Sixth Year (Assistant Principal I)

  • Teaching and Learning Team

Mr Neil Garry – Examinations and Health & Safety Coordinator (Assistant Principal I)

Ms Sinéad UíDhroma – Digital and E-Learning Coordinator (Acting Assistant Principal I)

Ms Emma Davis – School Self Evaluation Coordinator (Acting Assistant Principal I)

Ms Olivia Toman – Library/STEAM Room Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Catherine Dolan – Book Schemes/Library (Acting Assistant Principal II)

  • Public Relations and Student Achievement Team

Mr Robert Masterson – Public Relations Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Olga Cosgrave – Website Maintenance Coordinator – (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Aoife Davitt – Awards Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

  • Student Leadership Team

Ms Joan Gilmartin –Big Sister/Little Sister & Gaisce Award Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Thérèse Malone – Health Promoting Schools Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Gráinne O’ Kennedy – Student Council Coordinator (Assistant Principal II)

Ms Sarah Weafer – Senior Prefects Coordinator (Acting Assistant Principal II)