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In 1585, on January 23rd, Mary Ward - the foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, more commonly known as the Loreto sisters - was born. 

And I hope in God it will be seen that women in time to come will do much...

We are delighted to have shared the birthday of out foundress this year with our Loreto sisters, Sr. Maria, Sr Philomena, and Sr.Therese who joined us to mark the day. Also in the photo is Sr. Anna, our school chaplain, a much valued member of our school community to students and staff alike. 

Loreto College, Mullingar is one of over 200 Loreto schools worldwide, and in remembering our foundress, we are mindful of the charisms, virtues or values she represented in bringing education to young women, mainly Freedom, Justice, Truth, Sincerity and Joy. 

Mary Ward worked tirelessly as both a missionary and an advocate for the learning of young women. She often had to work in disguise to preserve Christianity in England, and she and companions worked tirelessley to help persecuted and imprisoned Catholics, to spread the word of God, and to bring education to girls in mainland Europe. Mary had a profound social sense and strove to bring education to those from poor families as well as to the daughters of the rich families the sisters were entrusted with.  Europe was travelled on foot, with school after school being established despite illness and threat to Mary's life, who was imprisoned several times for her faith. As we look at the wonderful students of our own Loreto community, we can gratefully say that Mary's efforts and sacrifices have not been in vain. 

We pray that we remain focused on the values of Mary Ward in our everyday - in our learning and teaching, in our relationships with others, in our thoughts, in our motivations and in our actions. 

Strive more to merit the praise and love of others than to receive.

When we read the words of our foundress and apply them to our everyday lives, we can rest assured that we are exercising respect, placing others to the fore, and, subsequently, being our best selves. 

Mary Ward: 23 January 1585 - 30 January 1645