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Changes to the national assessment arrangements have been made with due regard for the principles of equity, fairness and integrity as these principles apply to assessment and examinations and refer to student-to student, subject-to-subject, and year-to-year comparisons.

This newly released document outlines some adjustments to regular assessment arrangements for post-primary students sitting state certificate examinations in 2024. The adjustments are similar to those that were made for the students taking examinations in 2023. These changes have been created in reponse to the loss of tuition due to Covid-19, and can be viewed as "reflecting and recognising the disruption to learning students experienced in a fair manner with contingency for future disruption to the learning experience of students that may occur during the 2023/24 school year also built in". The intention of the document, therefore,  is to provide clarity, certainty and reassurance to students, their parents/guardians and to teachers and schools as preparations get underway for these examinations, programmes and subject components during and at the end of the academic year. 

The linked document gives details of the adjusted assessment arrangements for every subject/module descriptor in the Leaving Certificate Established, Leaving Certificate Applied (not applicable to us currently), Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Junior Cycle programmes.

Click here to view the specific subject arrangments for State Examinations 2024. 

Parents/students are asked to scroll through the document and be sure to note the clearly labelled 'Junior Cycle' or 'Senior Cycle' and 'Higher Level' or 'Ordinary Level'  at the top left of pages to get the arrangments for yourself/your child accurately. The girls' teachers will, of course, be aware of the adjustments, and will reinforce these in class too as required.