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Kathryn Browne, past student who is in her second year in Maynooth University studying English and Anthropology , has hit the social media headlines with a social story she created to help families with the new difficulties people are facing in the global crisis that is ongoing. Written for her brother Liam, the story raises awareness of the increased challenges people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are facing during this difficult period. Social stories are of benefit to all young children in that they can help them understand new perspectives and new situations. For children with ASD, the social story’s equivalent benefits are that they outlay something that is abstract and difficult to explain with words in concrete visuals. Kathryn has wonderfully captured the theme of Going Outside Safely succinctly in her economic use of visuals and words that will surely help families with young children and parents and siblings of young people with ASD.

Well done, Kathryn from all at Loreto College.

Click here for the full social story