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The Association will be known as the Loreto College Mullingar Secondary School Parents’ Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) It will be recognised by school management as a body with appropriate autonomy, organised and run by parents who operate within the context of the school’s Mission statement. Loreto core values will underpin the work of the Association in order to ensure that the characteristic spirit of the school is developed and upheld.




AGM: Annual General Meeting


EGM: Extraordinary General Meeting


PA: All parents and legal guardians of students of Loreto College Mullingar Secondary School shall be deemed members of the Parents’ Association (PA).


Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC): A Parents’ Advisory Council is defined as a group of parents who are the committee elected at the AGM to give effect to the workings of the day to day business of the Association at Loreto College Mullingar.


BOM: Board of Management.
















1.1 To further the Catholic and educational objectives of the School as articulated in the Loreto philosophy of Education. This function is fulfilled in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, teachers and students of the school [s26 (2) Education Act, 1998]


1.2 To encourage parent participation in promoting the well being and interests of the pupils of the school.


1.3 To foster good relations and communication between parents, teachers, students, and the school community.


1.4 To provide a forum to inform and consult parents regarding school policy, plans and activities and to communicate parents’ views on such matters to the school Principal. However, the parents’ Association will not be involved in matters relating to the internal administration of the school.




2.1 The Association shall hold an AGM not later than September 30th in each school year or on the nearest convenient day within one week of that date.


2.2 The secretary shall convene the meeting by giving of notice to each member of the Association at least seven days before the appointed date.


2.3 The business of the AGM shall be determined by the agenda which will be available on the parents’ association link on the Loreto College Mullingar website.


2.4 Any amendment to the constitution shall be passed by a simple majority of those attending the AGM. Notice of the proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the secretary not later than two weeks prior to the AGM so that it can be appended to the agenda.


2.5 When the Board of Management is due for renewal at the end of a three-year term of office the election of parent nominees to the Board of Management is determined as set out in clause 5.6 of this document.


2.6 At the AGM, the association shall elect the PAC to include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Secretary Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer (The elected officers).


2.7 If there is more than one candidate for any post on the PAC a secret ballot shall be held. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the matter shall be decided by drawing of lots.


2.8 In addition to the elected officers the ordinary members of the committee shall be made up of those parents who express an interest at the AGM in being involved at committee level.




The PAC shall endeavour that each school year group shall have a representative on the committee.


3.1 In the event of an elected officer resigning or unable to continue in the role, the PAC Committee may seek to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.


3.2 If an elected officer does not attend three consecutive meetings, without apologies he/she will be deemed to have resigned from the PAC.


3.3 The PAC will adhere to any policy /guidelines of the association.


3.4 The PAC shall meet at least six times during the academic year. Any member of the association is welcome to attend these meetings.


3.5 The PAC shall have the power to appoint sub committees for specific purposes.


3.6 A quorum at a meeting of the PAC shall consist any two of the following: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and four ordinary members.


3.7 Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary. The minutes will be approved and seconded at each meeting. PAC Minutes must be kept for four years and during this time be made available to the management of Loreto College Mullingar. Following minutes being signed off, they will be available on the Association’s link on the Loreto College Mullingar website.


3.8 No member of the PAC shall make any official or public statement on behalf of the Association.


3.9 TERMS OF OFFICE: The term of office for “elected officers” of PAC is one year. The maximum term for which a person may serve in such a capacity is 3 consecutive years having been re-elected each year. Rotation of committee members is encouraged so as not to deplete the committee of experience.


3.10 Committee members shall not receive monitory remuneration for serving as a member or officer of the PAC.


3.11 Each member of the PAC present will be entitled to one vote when votes are taken. The school Principal or staff member or BOM representative are not entitled to vote in PAC Meetings.


3.12 Role of the Chairperson. See Appendix 1


3.13 Role of the Secretary. See Appendix 2


3.14 Role of the Treasurer. See Appendix 3


3.15 Role of the Members. See Appendix 4


4.0   Extraordinary General Meeting


4.1 An extraordinary general meeting may be requisitioned at the written request of not less than 5% of the parent body (or 50 parents) stating the reason for such a meeting.


4.2 10% of the parent body shall form a quorum at such meetings. Otherwise the rules of conduct shall be similar to those of an AGM.


4.3 The honorary secretary shall, within one month of receiving a properly constituted request for an EGM summon a general meeting of the association, stating the purpose for which the meeting is called. This shall be the only business dealt with at such meetings.




5.1 The PAC shall in accordance with the Articles of the Management for Voluntary Catholic Secondary Schools seek the election of two parent nominees to the board of management from the parent body having been informed that the Board of management is due for renewal.


5.2 All parents /guardians of students in the school shall be eligible for election to the BOM for a period of three years.


5.3 Notice of election shall be sent to all parents/guardians at beginning of that school year by letter inviting nomination of a male parent/guardian and a female/ parent guardian.


5.4 Nominations and nominee consent should be received in writing by PAC addressed to “the secretary, PAC Loreto College, Mullingar” by 3pm on the Friday prior to the AGM so that the election can take place at the AGM.


5.5 Voting shall take place by secret ballot at the AGM each parent/guardian in attendance having one vote.


5.6 The male and female candidates receiving the greatest number of votes respectively shall be declared the nominees. In the event of a tie for a candidate of either gender the outcome will be decided by lottery supervised by two parents who are in attendance at the meeting and formally registered accordingly.


5.7 Parents/guardians elected for nomination to the patron for appointment to the board of management shall be members of the PAC but cannot hold a position of elected officer and are expected to attend PAC meetings.


5.8 The role of the parent reps on the BOM is to communicate to the PAC on the non confidential areas of BOM business which is of relevance to parents/guardians.






6.0   Fundraising


6.1 The PAC may engage in fundraising but it is not their primary role.


6.2 The PAC shall apply all funds raised to further the aims of the Parents’ Association. All funds include any surplus of income over expenditure. The Committee will endeavour to maintain a surplus at the end of each financial year


6.3 The financial year for the Parents’ Association accounts shall be 1 September to 31 August. Annual financial accounts shall be prepared for each financial year and presented for the approval of the members of the Parents’ Association at the next AGM.

6.4 A copy of the annual financial accounts shall be forwarded to the Board of Management once approved by the Parents’ Association


6.5 Cheques drawn on the parents’ Association account shall be signed by two authorised signatories.

6.6 It is customary at Loreto College Mullingar for two PAC to attend each Parent/Teacher meeting and while promoting the PAC allow for a donation of €5 from each family per year.






























Appendix 1               

Role of Chairperson:

  • Open and presides over meetings.
  • Be familiar with procedures.
  • Be informed. Have all information for each meeting.
  • Know the Constitution.
  • Awareness of when to consult with others.
  • Support secretary between meetings.
  • Be respected by members for his/her role.
  • Official representative of the PAC.
  • The contact person with BOM/ School Principal. Consults with secretary over meeting agenda.
  • Has a casting vote – seldom used.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations/legislation etc.
  • Is elected annually.
  • Liaises with the Principal as appropriate.


The chairperson must

  • Chair impartially.
  • Listen.
  • Set and keep time limits.
  • Stop repetition.
  • Stop domination.
  • Ensure calm.
  • Encourage members’ participation.
  • Keep proceeding focused.
  • Be patient.
  • Secure consensus where possible.
  • Ensure transparency.
  • Ensure accountability.
  • Establish a communication network with relevant partners.
  • Do not allow strong personal beliefs to influence above all others.
  • Ensure consultation & respect contribution from others.
  • Ensure no decisions are rushed.


  • Ref: National Parents Council March 2013












Appendix 2       

Role of Secretary:

  • Records minutes of minutes.
  • Convenes emergency meetings.
  • Convenes subcommittee meetings.
  • Deals with communications arising from PAC business.
  • Accountable for the ongoing running of the Association
  • AOB at beginning of each meeting.
            • Ref: National Parents Council March 2013


Appendix 3   

Role of Treasurer:

  • 1 Transparency and accountability.
  • Keeps accounts Income & Expenditure.
  • Reconcile with bank account.
  • Bank: Minimum two signatures.
  • No Payments without invoice.
  • Fill in cheque details before signing.
  • File receipts.
  • Agenda item for each meeting.
  • Monies received – receipted.
  • Annual Accounts report for AGM /BOM.
            • Ref: National Parents Council March 2013


Appendix 4        

Role of the Members:

  • Recognise expertise.
  • Acknowledge transparency & accountability.
  • Value and respect opinion.
  • Openness to views/ perspectives of others.
  • Listen.
  • Exercise patience.
  • Obey the chair.
  • No decisions without full knowledge/information.
  • Receive and read minutes.
  • Keep informed of developments in education.
  • Understand implications of decisions.
  • What is best for the students/school.
  • A decision is everyone’s decision.
  • Ref: National Parents Council March 2013



Previous Constitution.









The AIMS of Loreto Mullingar Parents Advisory Council

    To represent the views of the Parents / Guardians
    To offer advice on major college issues
    To inform parents / guardians of developments in education and in the college
    To foster co-operation between parents / guardians, teachers and college management
    To assist with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids
    To promote the educational and general welfare interests of the pupils of the college

Membership of Loreto Mullingar Parents Advisory Council

All parents and guardians of girls attending the college are deemed to be members of the Loreto Mullingar Parents Advisory Council and membership shall be confined to these.

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings shall be held in October of each year. An extraordinary general meeting may be held at the discretion of the committee and a minimum of 14 days notice shall be given in this event.

Election of Officers and Committee Members

The Council shall elect officers and committee members each year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Minimum Officer Posts are Secretary, Treasurer and Chairperson.

The committee shall aim to have representatives from each year.

Officers and committee members are elected for one year terms unless changed at an Extraordinary General Meeting

Other officers and committee members may be elected as required or may be co-opted by the committee at subsequent meetings.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of the month at 8pm (unless otherwise agreed at a committee meeting) and a minimum of 5 meetings shall be held each year.

The principal and representation from the board of management shall be requested to attend committee meetings and to brief the committee on developments in education and in the college.

Minutes of each meeting shall be made and agreed at subsequent meeting and be signed off by the Chairperson.

The Chairperson shall chair each meeting and in his absence, the committee shall elect some other member to chair the meeting.

No meeting may proceed without a minimum quorum of 6 committee members including an elected officer.

Members of the council are welcome to attend committee meetings as observers


The committee shall maintain a bank account which shall be managed by the Treasurer. Accounts shall be prepared and presented annually at the AGM by the treasurer.

Any cheque drawn on behalf of the council must be signed by 2 of three named persons being the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Monies to be drawn down shall be agreed and recorded at committee meeting. These shall be on foot of formal requests for funding.

The committee shall seek funding and organise fundraising by agreement


Any amendments or additions to this constitution may be made at a general meeting (annual or extraordinary), provided that they are passed by a two thirds majority of members present