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Loreto College's policies are created in conjunction with staff members, school community and Board of management. They are tailored to suit the needs of our school. Our policies are working documents which will change with the changing needs of our school.

Admissions Policy

Click here to access the school's Admissions Policy 2023/2024

Click here to access the Annual Admissions Notice 2023/2024

Anti-Bullying Policy & Related Documents

Click here to access the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy 2023

Click here to download the ‘First Steps’ form as referenced in the Anti-Bullying Policy 2023

Click here to view the ‘Review of Anti-Bullying’ Policy document 2023

Code of Behaviour

The code of behaviour helps the school community to promote the school ethos, relationships, policies, procedures and practices that encourage good behaviour and prevent unacceptable behaviour. The code of behaviour helps teachers, other members of staff, students and parents to work together for a happy, effective and safe school.

Code of Behaviour - click here

Other School Policies

Acceptable Use of Internet & Social Media Policy - click here 

Co-Teaching Policy - click here

Critical Incident Policy - click here

Data Protection Policy - click here

Guidance Department Policy - click here

Health Promoting Schools Policy - click here

Health & Safety Covid-19 Policy for Students - click here

Homework & Assessment Policy - click here

Mobile Phone Policy - click here

Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE) - click here

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy - Click here

Suspension & Expulsion Policy - Click here