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Senior Student Leaders & Volunteerism

Senior student leaders volunteer their time to organise and facilitate lunchtime activities. All students have access to these activities and are welcome to join. This year saw three new clubs established with high participation and engagement throughout the year.

Drama club- With two passionate facilitators who are active members of our local arts centre, Loreto Drama club saw a group of 12 first year students practice their craft each week. The students concluded the year by writing their own scripts for performance and the show was very well received by all in attendance.

“Soap and sandwiches” – As the school term can be very busy with evenings filled by sports and study commitments, many students feel the need to kick back and relax during their lunch break. In response to this point student leaders offer the Soap and Sandwiches group to allow interested students the opportunity to catch up on the latest goings on in Summer Bay. Each lunchtime students may use their lunch break to relax and chat with friends whilst watching Home and Away. This group is well attended each day.

Loreto Lounge, Lego club – For those who enjoy a quiet environment and the opportunity to complete a task we have a Lego Club based in the Loreto Lounge. Students can complete a lego task during one lunch period or choose a more difficult task to complete over a longer period of time. This group have worked well all year and produced some fantastic work that has been photographed for display on the senior leader’s notice board.

All of the above endeavours have been guided and monitored by Ms Sinéad Hyland, Guidance Counsellor.