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On the last day of school for our 6th Year students, we have a very special tradition where our staff and 1st Year students form a guard of honour for our graduating class as they enter the building for the last time on their final school day in May.  One of the biggest disappointments for us all in Loreto College in the wake of the school closures is that this much cherished tradition is not possible this year, but we still wanted to mark this occasion for you all somehow, resulting in the video link below. In keeping the essence of the tradition alive, our First Years have contributed in the form of artwork portraying candles – symbols of illumination and hope, solitary flames that shine brightly together. It is our hope that your paths in life after second-level education are lit each step of the way, and you continue to shine brightly as you journey along those paths.

To our Leaving Certificate Class of 2020 – you will be missed! We hope you enjoy this video we have put together for you.

Click here for Class of 2020 Graduation Video

Our school principal, Ms Bell, has perfectly captured the magic of this day in the letter she penned for our class of 2020, sent to you all on the morning of what would be your final day as students in our school. In these words, we hope that you, our Leaving Certificate students, get to feel something of this tradition, and see just how much your transition from second-level education into the wider world means so much to the staff of the school. The five/six years you spent with us in Loreto College are not easily forgotten – watching young teens grow and develop into capable young women who are ready to take on the world culminates for your teachers and all the staff on this very special day. Although none of us are physically there to give you the send-off you deserve, Ms Bell’s words powerfully send the congratulations, the praise and the well-wishes that this day brings from us all.

Click here for Ms Bell’s letter to you, Loreto College’s Class of 2020

Finally, we have a special message from Ms Caroline Clarke, Loreto Education Officer for you all, and she sends special words of recognition to our super trio of Head Girls, Anna, Nicola and Niamh.

Click here for Ms. Clarke’s video message

Best wishes to you all from each and every member of staff at Loreto College.